10 benefits of server virtualisation: Part 1


Server virtualisation is game-changing technology in the IT work space. By virtualising your server, you can access efficiencies and capabilities far beyond those available in the physical world.

While many business owners are still sceptical about this cutting-edge technology, those who have virtualised their server environment isn’t looking back.

There are countless benefits to server virtualisation. Let’s look at a few.

  1. Save money

Virtual server hosting is run by a web server-hosting service, which means that you don’t have to pay for and maintain your own web connections, making it more cost-effective as a dedicated hosting plan on a physical server.

  1. Increase your uptime

Server virtualisation platforms offer advanced features not found on physical servers, such as live migration, storage migration, fault tolerance, high availability and distributed resource scheduling. Among other things, these abilities help virtual servers to recover faster after power outages and make it easier to move a virtual machine from one server to another quickly and easily. This gives a huge lead in business continuity and increased uptime.

  1. Improve disaster recovery

With server virtualisation, you get three advantages over a physical server. Firstly, it has hardware abstraction capability, which eliminates the need for keeping identical hardware on hand to match the production environment when reinstalling saved data. Secondly, due to fewer physical machines in production, it is easier to create an affordable replication site. Lastly, most server virtualisation platforms have software that automate the failover in case of disaster.

  1. Lower your data centre footprint

Fewer servers, less networking gear and fewer racks means that you need less space for your data centre. Some server virtualisation centres even allow for a complete elimination of the need for a data centre. Less space means saving money and better use of valuable office space.

  1. Control the capacity

Server virtualisation platforms have plans that can be easily tailored to fit your company’s unique needs. Initially you might need only the smallest amount of resources, but should your company’s needs grow, you can easily increase the hosting plan to adapt to this growth.

It is clear that server virtualisation brings a bounty of benefits to your company. Keep an eye out for the second part of look at the benefits of virtualising your server function.


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