10 benefits of server virtualisation: Part 2


Server virtualisation is game-changing technology in the IT work space. By virtualising your server, you can access efficiencies and capabilities far beyond those available in the physical world. While many business owners are still sceptical about this cutting-edge technology, those who have virtualised their server environment isn’t looking back.

Here we conclude our two-part article on the biggest benefits server virtualisation brings to your business.

  1. Increase provisioning speed

Server virtualisation makes it possible to provide system provisioning and deployment instantly. You can get a server up and running in minutes, while physical servers take days to start up and load with the necessary operating system and applications.

  1. Choose your own vendor

It can very frustrating to be tied to one specific hardware vendor. Because server virtualisation replaces underlying hardware with virtual hardware, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to choosing equipment as well as more bargaining power when buying more or renewing equipment.

  1. Extend the lifespan of older apps

Most companies have legacy applications still running in their environment – it might not run on a modern operating system or hardware, IT won’t let go of it and the person who created it is long gone. Now you can simply virtualise and encapsulate the application and its environment, and finally get rid of the dusty hardware on which it used to be housed.

  1. Move data to the cloud

Cloud computing is inevitably linked to virtualisation in most minds. By virtualising your server, you can start by moving your virtualised data centre onto a cloud platform. As technology advances, you can eventually move data out of your data centre and into a cloud hosting facility.

  1. Save the environment

Because virtualised servers mean fewer if any physical servers, monthly power and cooling costs of the data centre is less, which saves valuable energy resources.

Having a virtualised server is the smart choice to make. It brings so many benefits to the business. Make technology work for you today! ART-Technologies offers data centre and cloud solutions that will take the weight off your shoulders. Let us take of your IT needs so that you can focus on growing your business.


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