15 Great Reasons to Switch to Cloud Computing Today!


Part 3

Simply put, cloud computing is the best thing since sliced bread. Previously, businesses were limited to running applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building. Cloud computing enables you to access all these business tools through the internet, which benefits business in many ways.

  1. Data security

Data stored on devices such as laptops and tablets becomes vulnerable if the device is lost or stolen. You also lose whatever data was on the device. By working in the cloud, you never lose data as it can be accessed via other devices. In case of sensitive and confidential material, it can be remotely wiped from the lost or stolen device before it falls in the wrong hands.

  1. Data integrity

As various employees work on documents, the back and forth sending of these documents inevitably leads to multiple versions of the document which can cause people working on the wrong version, information getting lost and conflicting file content, formats and titles. Cloud computing allows for tight control and management of documents, as data is stored centrally and everyone works on one document.

  1. Be more competitive

Working in the cloud means access to enterprise-class technology, which enables small businesses to compete with big companies on a more equal footing. Pay-as-you-go services and business applications in the cloud allows you to access the technology you need to compete without being outgunned by a bigger company’s bigger budget.

  1. It’s environmentally friendly

The cloud enables you to only use as much bandwidth as you need instead of being forced to run at a set capacity even when it’s not needed. Because you don’t waste bandwidth any longer, it means that you don’t waste electricity and lower your carbon footprint. You also save on electricity by using fewer servers. The central availability of documents in the cloud has led to more and more companies changing to a paperless environment, which is also more environmentally friendly.

  1. Facilitates mergers and acquisitions

Companies can integrate their data faster if it is in the cloud, making mergers faster and easier. Done the traditional way, it can take years to migrate applications and decommissioning data centres.


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