Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Desktop Virtualization


Virtualization services is not new in the technology industry, but the way we take advantage of the technology is always evolving. You’ve heard of server virtualization, where one would separate the software operating the server from the hardware itself; however, have you heard of desktop virtualization, and the various benefits it can provide for your business?


There are two different kinds of ways virtualization services can affect your desktop business operating model. They are Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI):


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:


A virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, takes advantage of multiple desktop instances on a single server. This would allow for different systems to run on a single server, effectively giving you access to multiple applications and operating systems without having to install them directly onto the desktops. In the same way, your IT department has the ability to allocate CPU power and RAM accordingly, which offers great versatility as well as control over your IT infrastructure. The main factor to take into consideration for any small to medium-sized businesses is that this kind of infrastructure, while it does offer an impressive amount of control, it demands attention from dedicated qualified IT professionals.


Desktop as a Service:

Rather than be in full control of your technology, the DaaS service model is a fully hosted solution that is designed with the small and medium-sized businesses in mind. It’s designed to be outsourced to IT professionals who understand how to utilize the technology, and have the capacity to handle an increased workload. This allows your business to avoid the responsibilities of dealing with complex technology, while allowing your users to take advantage of the benefits without any of the management knowledge or responsibility.


What Would Be Best for Your Business?


It’s likely that even if your SMB does have an in-house IT department already, they might not have the time to innovate and integrate a new solution like a VDI. It’s often more beneficial for SMBs to outsource this responsibility to a managed IT service company such as ART Technologies. You would gain the abilities of several highly qualified professional IT technicians who have years of experience implementing solutions such as these, and your business’s bottom line will increase due to the decrease in operational expenditures.


With virtualized desktop services, you can run thin clients instead of full-fledged workstation/desktops, which consume less power and cost less to purchase. Furthermore, since your solution is completely hosted on our servers, you’ll save money by operating minimal hardware on-site.


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