Top 5 uses of cloud computing for 2016



ART Technologies cloud hosting solutions provides IT infrastructure backbone in today’s modern business. Data Center and cloud solutions allows rapid scalability with different types of offerings. Data Center and Cloud Solutions offer numerous advantages to businesses of all sizes. A major advantage is that the need to support the business IT infrastructure is greatly reduced and it is no longer necessary to have the knowledge to develop and maintain it. This requirement is handled by our experienced IT support staff at ART Technologies.

As little as a year ago, cloud computing was a buzz word; a new trend that SMEs were told to try out. A year later, it is estimated that as many as 80% to 90% of SMEs use some form of the cloud, a figure previously predicted for 2020.

Cloud computing is the future, but you as a SME owner should already be using it as part of your present IT infrastructure if you don’t want to be left behind. The benefits of using cloud computing are simply too good to ignore! Here are only some of the ways in which you can optimise your business’ performance with cloud computing:

1. The hybrid cloud
This forms a bridge between independent cloud and on-site technology – you can increase the control and security of your data and can bring portability to back and front office applications. Instead of worrying about data, you can focus on growing your business and service delivery.
2. Mobility of users
Your employees can now access data from anywhere, at any time; enabling them to work off-site and break free from the restrictions posed by geographical accessibility. They have information immediately available at their fingertips, which means better customer service.
3. Flexible infrastructure
You can now scale your IT resources and avoid spending money on resources you may only need for a while. There is a flexibility to structure the computing environment specifically according to your unique needs.
4. Availability of big data and analytics technology
Through the cloud, you can take advantage of big data and analytics technology that would usually be too expensive and complex. You can identify the data that is the most useful, analyse it and act upon the conclusions that are drawn; staying on top of trends and fostering better relationships with customers, operations and markets – i.e. acting when and where you can make the biggest impact.
5. Testing and development of new tools
You can quickly develop, test and implement new apps and solutions, saving a lot of time and expenditure. Employees are empowered to create and develop apps they normally would not have been able to, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.


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