Cloud Based Infrastructure

VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infratructure, simply put, is a computer in the cloud. Your computer in the cloud provides your business with cutting edge IT technology and mobility while ensuring the best performance and security for your users. We teamed up with the world's best workstation, server and backup technology vendors and built a virtual platform for "small office" networks to flourish in our cloud based system.

ART Technologies can help you take advantage of cloud base system. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up – we can help you cut a path through all the jargon by designing and implementing your cloud based system that’s best for your business.




What do I get?

Daily backups that go back 30 days

Microsoft workstation platforms either Windows 7 or Windows 10

Monthly backups for 12 months

Latest Microsoft Office Package

Uniform wallpaper synchronization, for that personal touch or to share some internal unified business strategies

Secure, shared network drives within your organization for centralized file sharing

Enterprise Firewall Security, you can control user’s access to the web

Mobility - Login to your machine from anywhere in the WORLD!

Security groups to manage your organizations’ file level access

2hrs of our market leading ART Technical Support, for whatever assistance you may require on your Microsoft Platform *

* This is not support for the up time of the platform, this is additional user support.
We guarantee our products' availability to an unlimited number of support hours.