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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (“VDI”), is defined as the hosting of desktop environments on a central server which is based in a data center.


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Our Virtual Workstation is delivered over the internet to an endpoint device, which allows you to interact with operating systems and its apps as if running locally.

The VDI services are designated to a user over the internet to give the user access to their desktop from anywhere and on any device (desktop, laptop, cell phone, tablet).

Your added benefits!

Cost Efficiency

The reason VDI generates so much cost efficiency is fairly obvious. VDI saves cost by reducing labor, energy and time. Also, VDI endpoints are inexpensive while the hardware involved has a longer lifespan than a typical PC and costs less. Centralization cuts down the huge cost incurred by a virtually unlimited number of individual user licenses. These are some of the advantages of VDI.

Data Ownership

VDI guarantees data ownership. The massive investments in resources installed at the datacenter which covers storage, power, networking, security, backup and disaster recovery (redundancy) ensures that your data hosted in the cloud is safe, updated, accessible as well as retrievable. Therefore, your company can rightfully lay claim to data ownership in all ramifications as you do not need to depend on a 3rd party for such services.


Devices like thin clients, mobiles and tablets can be used to give you the same performance as a desktop or laptop. Furthermore, because of this unique capability, users now have within the reach software that normally would not have been available to them, like Windows-based software packages for a Mac. Users now have enhanced capability due to accessibility.


You can affect installations, troubleshooting procedures and upgrades without any user intervention. Activities like new user deployment can me performed without affecting any of the end-users in any way. Flexibility via VDI gives unique advantages.

Stability and Connectivity

VDI gives direct control over the stability and connectivity of your network. This is due to the server infrastructure that VDI runs on and universal accessibility for all clients.